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Welcome @ Dynatrace Linz Winterhafen!

On two floors our Dynatrace teams in D1, Support, Pre-Sales, Sales, Marketing and Partner Management focus on creating extraordinary experiences for our current and future customers. Want to know what Dynatrace actually does?


Team spirit is part of our Dynatrace DNA. Therefore, we team up on several occasions throughout the year, such as our Achievement Celebration, where we celebrate our successes on a quarterly basis. But to be honest, we don’t need a specific reason to raise our glasses from time to time. :-) #dynatracelabs #dynatraceaustria #dynatracelinz


To maintain a sharp mind, taking care of your body and well-being is crucial. That’s why we foster a healthy lifestyle at Dynatrace and support our employees with tailormade mental health programs, (remote) yoga sessions, health promotions, running courses, and much more. Ready for a competition? We also pay the entry fees for several local sports events like the Wings for Life World run.


Our kitchens on the 1st and 3rd floor offer all the necessary equipment for cooking and even baking – from pots and pans to herbs and flour. With the beer fridge right around the corner you can find everything you need for your next cooking evening with your teammates. Our way of living and working, our Dynatrace spirit, was even recognized by others: In 2021 we became [best IT employer in Austria!](https://dynatr.ac/3ocfyDE) 


We believe in team spirit and like to party or cook together – our balcony offers the perfect setting for both. We can’t wait to welcome you at one of our after-work BBQs.

Office Room

Our office rooms are the homes of our teams. Equipped with ergonomic workplaces and state-of-the-art technology, we’re creating a workspace that is a perfect fit for each individual preference. After all, being creative and innovative is only possible if we feel comfortable. Are you interested in listening to one of our colleagues speaking about working at Dynatrace?

Meeting room

Welcome to the place where the real Dynatrace magic happens: Our meeting rooms. Together as a team we are working hard on delivering the best customer experience possible and driving our go-to-market strategies. How we work? We are agile by nature and flexible by default, and strongly believe in each member of our team having the autonomy to make an impact and create value. [Working agile](https://dynatr.ac/2Ya2VhB) is not just a buzz word at Dynatrace.

Commuter Program

For us sustainability and an ecological footprint matter. That’s why we reward our Dynatracers who cycle to work with shopping vouchers. Besides that, you can choose between different options for your daily commute: reserving a parking spot for a small fee, a fully paid public transportation ticket, or receiving a voucher when selecting to commute by walk, scooter, or bike. Curious about [our other benefits?](https://dynatr.ac/3AWTS1O)

Public space

Our offices are designed to ignite ideas, inspire, and collaborate. The mix of quiet focus zones, semi-public areas and communicative meeting spots made to bump into each other, and exchange ideas are ideally suited for the needs of software development.