Dynatrace Hagenberg

Our Hagenberg Lab focuses on our platform, application security, and data science. With close research links to the Hagenberg campus of the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, we work on core Dynatrace cluster components, while our Data Scientists gather new insights that fuel our AI. We not only strive for constant improvements to our product, but also creating an outstanding working environment, [making us a Great Place To Work® in Austria!](https://careers.dynatrace.com/awards/) If you’re interested in finding out more about how we work, and what’s going on in our Engineering teams, [check out our Engineering blog](https://engineering.dynatrace.com/blog/?utm_medium=virtualwalk&utm_source=virtualwalk&utm_campaign=360-vienna&utm_content=generic&utm_term=none) and [read our Engineering e-book.](https://mobimag.co/careers-dynatrace/engineering/1)

Welcome to Dynatrace Hagenberg!

Normally we meet in this kitchen to cook, eat, and laugh together. Next to this, our after-work events are essential for fostering great team spirit. And on a quarterly basis, we’re celebrating our achievements virtually with Dynatracers worldwide. That’s the Dynatrace culture–Real vibes. Real people.

[Dynatrace](https://www.dynatrace.com/?utm_medium=virtualwalk&utm_source=virtualwalk&utm_campaign=360-hgb&utm_content=generic&utm_term=none) helps B2B customers to observe their applications automatically. To make sure that our product is working smoothly, we even use Dynatrace internally within our own programming and monitoring as well. Modern technologies and expert knowledge are key aspects of our ways of work. We’re constantly moving and always trying to push boundaries. If you’d like to gain deeper insights into our product, [why not start a free trial?](https://www.dynatrace.com/signup/)

As a Dynatracer, you’ll have access to various benefits. Next to coffee, we offer tea, fruits, milk products, cereals, snacks, and an App called Lunchit where we get a certain refund per day when scanning the bill. You’ll also have flexible working hours and hybrid working models, state-of-the-art IT equipment, and internal and external training and education during working hours. We’re dedicated to making sure that you’re happy and healthy.

Our candy fridge is a great symbol of what we stand for–innovation. Annually, we organize [Innovation Days](https://medium.com/dynatrace-engineering/how-online-innovation-days-brought-our-remote-labs-closer-together-c8a6aeddd985), in which Dynatracers get to spend 24 hours on a project of their liking, bringing ideas to life. Maybe you’ve already guessed it, but this candy fridge with facial recognition was the result of one of these projects. We hope you’re interested in being part of our future [innovations](https://www.dynatrace.com/news/blog/)! 

Our meeting rooms are the place where we brainstorm and develop new ideas, where we push boundaries and innovate together. Equipped with the latest technology, we have everything that is needed to strive for greatness including surface hubs, 360° whiteboards, and much more. Plus, with tools like Zoom and Slack in place, communication in a virtual room is part of our normal workday, too. 

Enjoy a casual atmosphere? Then our hanging chairs are the place to be! Here you can sit down, enjoy a good cup of coffee, and relax. A fun fact for while you’re enjoying the coffee – [did you know that there are a lot of students who work at Dynatrace part-time?](https://careers.dynatrace.com/grow-with-us/students/?utm_medium=virtualwalk_students&utm_source=virtualwalk&utm_campaign=360-hgb&utm_content=generic&utm_term=none) Working, learning, and growing in the Dynatrace Galaxy while getting your degree is an exceptional experience.

In 2019, we moved from a co-working space to our first office in the Business Campus 1. Not even one year later, we started expanding our office space to the Business Campus 2, which was built right next to our first office. To access the space without having to leave the building, we set up a connecting bridge. Take a minute and have a closer look at this project!

Collaboration and teamwork are fundamental for us. That’s why our offices are designed as open collaboration spaces, which make spontaneous chats easy without being overcrowded and noisy at any time. Our doors are always open so have a look around in one of our office spaces and don’t forget to check out the beautiful view over the Muehlviertel. Hear what Dynatracer Halko has to say about working here.

Our podcast: Real Talks

Want to hear more directly from the people behind the tech? Tune in to our podcast Real Talks and listen to real conversations with Dynatracers. Step into the world of those who shape our vibrant culture and innovate on our platform. Get to know our team members, discover what motivates them, and get insights into the #DynatraceLife. [Check it out!](https://careers.dynatrace.com/real-talks-podcast/)

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