Dynatrace Vienna

Vienna Lab

With its panoramic view of the Viennese skyline and ample quiet and collaborative spaces, our Vienna Lab is designed to inspire innovation and big ideas. We’re an international Tech Hub between our labs across the world, as our perfect location is directly at the main train station with a direct connection to the airport–enabling our global teams to collaborate face-to-face.

Welcome to Dynatrace Vienna!

In Vienna, we’re already looking into the future. Here, we have a diverse and international environment with Dynatracers from more than 45 nationalities working here. For this venture, we’re looking for the best of the best to join our team ranging from Post Sales and Support to Platform Engineering. We not only strive for constant improvements to our product, but also creating an outstanding working environment, [making us a Great Place To Work® in Austria! ](https://careers.dynatrace.com/awards/)

Get comfortable in our lounge 

Wondering what a job interview could look like in our Vienna Lab? Take a look at our lounge, where we’ll ask you to wait until your interview partner arrives. Next to this lounge we have our hiring room. Here, we’ll get to know each other and build the foundation for your smooth entry into our Dynatrace Galaxy. During your interview, we’ll want to learn more about your past experiences, interests, and motivation. For us, the culture fit is equally important as your technical skills. Think you have the Dynatrace DNA? [Check out open job positions!](https://careers.dynatrace.com/jobs/?locations=Vienna)

Our Breakfast area offers you a good start to your day

Starting the day with a delicious breakfast is not just a fairy tale! Grab a bowl and fill it with (vegan) yogurt, milk, fresh fruits, and crunchy cereals. In addition to our breakfast bar, you can also enjoy a cup of aromatic coffee. For us, it’s important that you love where you work. That’s why we offer you various perks and benefits next to a monthly payment—e.g., food contributions, health initiatives like on-site health checks, employee discounts at partner companies, working time for learning and personal growth, or free participation at sport events. Curious about our other benefits? [Learn more here.](https://careers.dynatrace.com/locations/vienna/)

Time to chill at our Sundowner Lounge

The Sundowner Lounge is the place to meet after work, host a meetup, or join one of many events. We make sure that the after-work fridge is always filled with cold drinks and additionally offer a collection of wines in our wine fridge. If you’re wondering how the Sundowner Lounge got its name–yes, on this side you can watch stunning sunsets while enjoying the after-work hours. 

A bit of history regarding our phone booths

At Dynatrace, diversity is not just a buzz word. Our people are our most valued asset, and our focus on fostering an inclusive and supportive environment drives our culture and helps us attract, maintain, and invest in the development of our employees. To emphasize this, we give female IT icons more visibility and named all our meeting rooms after them. These telephone booths in front of you represent the first ENIAC programmers–six ladies who were unfortunately not recognized for their efforts in the mid-1980s. At Dynatrace, we highly respect them. Want to learn more? Check out the small sign in each room for more information.

The height leaderboard

Did you already find some examples of how culture is lived in our office? A height leaderboard, drawings on whiteboards, polaroid pictures on the entrance of each door, and other small clues showcase the Dynatrace spirit. At Dynatrace, we connect with each other through Real vibes. Real people.

Welcome to our Open Space

At Dynatrace Vienna, we have various working zones. Our offices are equipped for four, six, or eight people. Additionally, we have this amazing open space with working stations for around 100 people. Even if a lot of us are working here simultaneously, this area stays calm because meetings are held in the phone booths to not disturb others. If you’re interested in finding out more about how we work, and what’s going on in our Engineering teams, [check out our Engineering blog](https://engineering.dynatrace.com/blog/?utm_medium=virtualwalk&utm_source=virtualwalk&utm_campaign=360-vienna&utm_content=generic&utm_term=none) and [read our Engineering e-book](https://engineering.dynatrace.com/blog/?utm_medium=virtualwalk&utm_source=virtualwalk&utm_campaign=360-vienna&utm_content=generic&utm_term=none).

Ready to meet?

Working, growing, and laughing together. In our meeting rooms, we combine our strengths and share ideas to find the best solutions for Dynatrace. We foster a work environment built on innovation, agility, and collaboration. Our culture takes pride in enabling individuals to pursue big ideas. And what about this meeting room? This room is not only used by internal teams, but also to get to know you. Feel free to explore and enjoy the view!

Your future at Dynatrace

We understand that working full-time is not possible for everyone. Whether you’re a parent, ambitious student, or maybe you just decided that you don’t want to work the whole week–we get it. That’s why we offer various part-time work models at Dynatrace. You could even write your master thesis or start a school project with us. [Find more information on our careers website.](https://careers.dynatrace.com/grow-with-us/students/?utm_medium=virtualwalk&utm_source=virtualwalk&utm_campaign=360-vienna&utm_content=generic&utm_term=none)

Stay connected!

Follow us on [LinkedIn](https://www.linkedin.com/company/dynatrace/), [Instagram](https://www.instagram.com/dynatracelife/), [X](https://twitter.com/dynatracelife), [Facebook](https://www.facebook.com/dynatracelife), and [YouTube](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqRlUD-srQyJTtvKPqIz1ug) to stay up to date on all the latest office happenings and take a look at our people-focused culture.

Our podcast: Real Talks

Want to hear more directly from the people behind the tech? Tune in to our podcast Real Talks and listen to real conversations with Dynatracers. Step into the world of those who shape our vibrant culture and innovate on our platform. Get to know our team members, discover what motivates them, and get insights into the #DynatraceLife. [Check it out!](https://careers.dynatrace.com/real-talks-podcast/)

Our team is growing!

We’ve expanded our office to the neighboring tower. Want to explore a new location and gain a fresh perspective during your workday? Take a walk over to our new building and see all it has to offer.