Jesuit Church Vienna

Chapel of the Philosophy Faculty:

Mystic Marriage of Saint Catherine of Alexandria (altarpiece), Trial by Fire of Saint Cunigunde (left), Saint Casimir is Blessed by a Bishop (right), Judas
Thaddeus (predella, 19th c.)

Stanislaus' Chapel:

Franz Borja Meets Stanislaus Kostka in Rome (altarpiece), Aloysius Gonzaga (left), Three Jesuit Martyrs in Japan (right), Barbara (predella, 19th c.)

Guardian Angel's Chapel:

Guardian Angel (altarpiece), Gabriel with Loreto’s House (left), Michael (right), Antonius of Padua (predella, 18th c.)

Ignatius' Chapel:

Vision of Saint Ignatius at La Storta (altarpiece, repainted 19th c.), Saint Franz Xaver’s Mission (left), Ignatius Writing the Spiritual Exercises, when The Holy Mother Appears to Him (right).


Battling angels are depicted on the bottom of the pulpit. On the ceiling vault, putti, or cherubim, can be seen copying the great angels at battle. One of the putti is actually a small devil. The Four Evangelists are depicted on the pulpit: Mark, Matthew, Luke and John. Three figures symbolising Faith, Hope and Love are depicted on the canopy. At the very top, Franz Xaver baptises a non-believer.

High altar:

The high altarpiece by Pozzo is the focal point of the church interior. It shows Mary’s Assumption into Heaven. The picture is set into a bay which is illuminated from both sides. A large crown with a red baldachin, carried by angels, hovers atop the high altarpiece. On Mary and with Mary begins the crowning and return of all of creation to the lap and the love of the Triune God, illustrated in the ceiling fresco of the quire.

Joseph's Chapel:

Death of Joseph (altarpiece), The Holy Family (left), The Flight of the Holy Family (right;
W. Köberl, 1964), Nursing Madonna (predella, copy of the Miraculous Image Donna Maria Uzategui in the Santa Rosa Church in Lima, 16th c.)

Leopold's Chapel:

Apotheosis of Saint Leopold (altarpiece), Construction of Klosterneuburg Monastery (left), Founding of Klosterneuburg (legend of the veil, right), John of Nepomuk (predella)


Anne's Chapel:

Anne, Mary and Angels (altarpiece), Mary’s Birth (left), Anne Teaches Mary to Read (right),
Franz Xaver (predella)

Chapel of the Theological Faculty:

Crucifixion (altarpiece); The four Great Church Fathers of the Western Church: Gregory, Augustine, Ambrose and Jerome (left); Thomas Aquinus (right); Petrus Canisius (predella)


The entrance to the crypt is located under the gallery. Since 1934 this has once again served as a burial place for local Jesuits.

Gallery and organ:

A two-storey gallery has been built over the entrance hall. The organ, made by Freiburg organ builder Hartwig Späth, was consecrated in 2004. The instrument includes 41 stops distributed over 3 manuals and pedals (2745 pipes).


Praying Shepherds:

The shepherds of Bethlehem pray to the Infant Jesus, who is lying in Mary’s lap.

Battle of the Angels:

The rebellious angels are cast out of heaven.

Trompe-l’œil dome:

The trompe-l’œil dome appears to be lit by an oculus. God the Creator is enthroned within the oculus. Between two columns, are depicted the enthroned and victorious Faith (with a cross), flanked by Justice and Prudence. We see the four Church Fathers at the four corners of the painted dome. The Apostles Paul (left) and Peter (right) are shown in the golden frames.

Angelic Choir:

The ceiling seems open and offers a view of Heaven.

Holy Family’s Rest:

While fleeing to Egypt, Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus rest.


The Holy Trinity can be seen in the Heavens above Mary’s crown: God the Father (right), God the Son (left) and God the Holy Ghost (as a dove).


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